Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the auction work?

A: Please see "7 Steps of Buying a Vehicle" for a step by step description on how easy it can be.


Q:What type of vehicles do you have?

A: Our inventory varies from auction to auction. We average 140 vehicles per sale. Buyers can purchase older vehicles from the late-eighties and newer ones of the early two-thousands. The selection is wide as to appeal to all buyers.


Q: Can I bring a mechanic to to inspect my vehicle choices?

A: Yes. We encourage you to thoroughly inspect the vehicles as each is sold "as is, where is." All sales are final.


Q: Where does the bidding start at or is there a minimum bid?

A: We are honest with our customers about the fact that some vehicles do, in fact, have reserves. If a bank has a vehicle in for a certain amount then we need to obtain that amount in order to let the car go. The vehicle will simply pass through the auction if the amount is not obtained. Please keep in mind that all reserves are listed at or below wholesale price! We will not accept vehicles with a retail priced reserve.


Q:If I purchase a car, will I have to go to the DMV?

A: No.We will handle all the DMV paperwork.You will receive your temporary registration at the time of purchase and this will be valid until you receive your official registration card. Your registration materials should be received within 8 weeks with the vehicle title following within days.


Q: Can I sell my car at your auction?

A: No, we don't take private consignments.